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Go To ScriptBedWars (Insta Kill)

Players will spawn on a path that leads to the entrance of the cemetery. They can unlock the gates which will start the first trial. Upon opening them, a large void-like entity called "The Keeper" will emerge from the ground and patrol around the cemetery in which players must keep their distance to avoid getting targeted and then killed. There are multiple gravestones with 3 different patterns of symbols, and players must find the 3 correct symbols that correspond to their grave in order to dig it out and escape. Digging the incorrect one will insta-kill the player who dug up the grave. However, digging the right grave will immediately transport all players to the next trial, the maze.

Go To ScriptBedWars (Insta Kill)

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Players are transported to a cavern filled with transparent and phantom-like rock platforms and deadly obstacles that players must traverse while fog rises up. Being too slow will allow the fog to catch up and kill the players that are left behind.

Guide to attacks:Homing Skull: Red dots will appear on the floor. Avoid the red dots presented, as that is where the skulls will land. As the fight progresses, the amount of homing skulls launched is increased and so is their movement speed.Soul Reap: The boss will emit some beam thing at you, and you can't escape it. Fortunately, only 1 player is targeted and the damage is minor. It may become hazardous if only one player is present, as it may occasionally be used multiple times in quick succession.Phantom Wall: A wall(or sometimes multiple walls) will sweep the map in a random direction, with an open gap in the wall. Make sure to locate each open gap on the wall and go through it. Soul Reap may knock you into the wall. If you must, you can walk through the wall as it only does 24 damage.Toxic Gas: A stone plate will spawn, floating beside Crypt, as well as many platforms with pillars with symbols on them. The symbol on the plate signals which platform you must go on. If you are unsure which platform it is, go to where the majority of the players are. After a few seconds, all the platforms besides the one with the correct symbol will break and toxic water will flood the place and kill everybody that didn't go on the right platform. Stone Platforms: 2 stone platforms will appear in the middle of the map. Cooperation is key here. Make sure there are the right amount of players on each platform that corresponds to the number of ghosts. This attack only spawns after 25% HP, make sure you stray away from where the platforms spawn, as they can suffocate you and end your run instantly. 041b061a72


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